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Trademarks The Inner Circle is a registered trademark of Inner Circle Media. See also List of self-help books Self-help References External links Official website Category:Self-help books Category:2004 non-fiction booksQ: Create a Variable using GAS but not show it in the API I am working with Google Analytics and I have a script that i am trying to make. I want the variables to be not shown in the API. One of my script is: /** * Here we set our Category and Secondary Dimension. * * @param {number} category The value to set the category * @param {string} secondary_dimension_name The value to set the secondary dimension name */ var parameters = { 'categories': category, 'dimensions': secondary_dimension_name, 'metrics': 'ga:sessions' }; /* We need to change the dimensions array value to append the variable that we are setting. */ var dimensions = 'ga:sessions,ga:pageviews,ga:uniquePageviews'; /* Set the page var if you want to filter by page*/ var page = '1'; var sort = '-ga:sessions'; /* We create our custom dimension: [category]-[secondary_dimension_name] */ var dimension = 'ga:sessions,ga:pageviews,ga:uniquePageviews' function sendDataToGA() { ga('send', parameters); } I want the cateogry and the secondary dimension to be not shown in the API, but the page and the sort. This what I have tried 'ga:pageviews': 'GA_SPACE_GOES_HERE', 'ga:uniquePageviews': 'GA_SPACE_GOES_HERE' A: The createProperty() method is for setting data to a property. It doesn't affect how the values are presented in the API. You can use the setDimension() method to control how the values are displayed in the API. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, said the U.S. "is in control" of the coronavirus




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Yousquaredbookpdffreedownload (Latest)

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